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Why you should Travel Turkey? (5 Main Reasons to Visit)

Travel to Turkey

Travel has many positive effects. The first one avoids stress and secondly offers a whole new social environment. Travelers can get a different perspective, their perspectives expand. The experience and knowledge gained from the travel will also change with the activities performed on the travel.

Well why should a traveler visit Turkey? There are many questions and answers on the internet. Even the list of reasons has been prepared. Let us summarize the reasons for travel to Turkey in general…

First of all, Turkey is a destination with tourism opportunities in twelve months of the year. “Travel to Turkey” comes to mind some clichés: Istanbul, Aegean and Mediterranean beaches, Adana kebab. However, these are just a few. There is a lot more.

Holiday in Turkey
1. An Affordable Travel

We can say that there is a vacation option suitable for every budget. From luxurious five-star hotels to tent camps, all accommodation options cater to every budget. The same applies to eating and drinking. It is a marginal example, but you can give hundreds of dollars to one meal, or you can pay less than a dollar for a traditional meal.

The only expense item that is the same for everyone travelling to Turkey can be flight tickets. On the other hand, you can come to Turkey by train from some cities of Europe or you can prefer to come by bus.

Ephesus Travel
2. Foods

The fact that it has land in two continents, the legacy of the Ottoman cuisine, and the immigration of people from different geographies in different cultures to the region have developed the food culture. If you examine the culinary cultures of Turkey and neighboring countries, you will find same and/or similar products. However, more than all of them are available in Turkey. For example, there are one or two kinds of “dolma” in one country, and many more varieties can easily be found in different regions in Turkey.

3. Beaches

There are 81 provinces in Turkey. Geographically, there are four different seas on one Peninsula and on three sides. Especially Antalya, Mugla, Aydin and Izmir’s tourist areas come to the fore with their beaches. There are really great beaches in different districts such as Alanya, Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum, Cesme etc.

4. History

There’re too many museums, ruins, historical bazaars, mosques, churches, hammams, and other historical buildings. Some of the first of history is located on Anatolian soil. Although Gobekli Tepe is the first to come to mind among these, many important works and structures from different ages are in Turkey. Especially Cappadocia and Ephesus stand out in this sense. There’re lots of options and you can explore them via Things to Do.

5. Nature

Different climates are observed in Turkey. In addition, the presence of different geographical formations diversifies the natural beauty. Wildlife is carried out especially in protected areas and national parks. There are many endemic types of flora and fauna in different parts of the country. It is an ideal option for bird watching as it is located on the migratory routes.

Note: The credits of the photos are Dennis Jarvis, Canada.

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