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West Houston's Newest Bike Trail

Even though I am currently at home and not traveling per se, I still take time out and travel around my home city. A case in point: On Saturday, May 16, I witnessed the official opening of Harris County’s (West Houston) newest bike trail. This trail was under construction for about one year and culminated in the completion of the most critical segment which consisted of a bridge connecting both ends of the bike & walkway trail. The bridge is located near Eldridge Parkway, just south of Memorial Drive and is a part of Terry Hershey Park. The ribbon cutting ceremony took place at the bridge at approximately 10:30 am under bright, sunny skies. Now if I only had a bicycle to ride ……

The official opening of Houston’s newest bike path!!

Several dozen bikers showed up for the event.

The bridge that connects both halves of the bike path. By the way, pedestrians are most welcome to use the pathway!

One of the speakers at the opening ceremony. (Sorry, I forgot his name!)
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Donna: As of today (May 22), it’s been two weeks since I returned from Angola and I have managed to get rid of all the jet lag. One bad note: I suffered the effects of food poisoning which I believe was caused by the food onboard the flight home! This was no doubt caused by the poor sanitation practiced by the food handlers who catered the World Airways flight home from Luanda.
xoxc: Thanks for the kind remarks about Houston. Some visitors don’t appreciate our city (the fourth largest city in the USA). Having lived here for almost 32 years, I too have developed a great degree of appreciation for what Houston has to offer its residents.
SearchingSoul: Welcome back to the ‘blogosphere’! Thanks so much for postng a comment. Always appreciated. I’ve checked your blog several times over the past few weeks and await your next posting!!
John: YES! If you ever wander over to Houston, we can somehow arrange to meet and exchange stories about blogging!!