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Weekend II – Dust Bowl City!!

I was all excited during the work week about visiting Kuwait City. I’ve been to the big City numerous times, of course, but this time I had bene planning to take a friend there to visit the Kuwait Towers. Everything started out fine Friday morning. We left camp (in Al Zour) at 9 am and arrived at the Sharq Mall (a fairly new mall having opened in 2001) and the sky was sunny and clear (see above photo). Then, after our weekly grocery shopping at The Sultan Center, we emerged outside at 11 am to a very dusty sky (see the second photo above the first photo and note the change). Naturally, we vere extremely disappointed since we were forced to cancel our visit to the Towers as the visibility was terrible. Sigh …. maybe next weekend.

So we changed our plans on the fly and simply headed over to the Hilton Hotel in Mangaf where we enjoyed the Friday buffet (10.5 KD per person). A consolation prize, sort of.
I should note that thankfully our driver was very safety conscious throughout all of Friday’s events and he drove carefully despite the poor road conditions caused by the blowing dust. Note the posted warning sign above!! A word to the wise – beware of the OTHER drivers here in Kuwait. I don’t call them Kamikazies for nothing!!