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Weekend 4 – The Friday Market

For my last weekend here in Kuwait (Friday, Feb. 29), I decided to visit the Friday Market. I hadn’t been there since 2002 so it was worth another visit. The Friday Market is basically a flea market with a lot of stuff for sale: clothing, matresses, carpets, brick-a-brak (fancy word for miscellaneous trash!), watches, furniture, etc. etc. [It’s located on the Fourth Ring Road in-between Hyws 60 & 55.] A great place to sample the local culture and pick up some great bargains. But buyer beware!! Everything is negotiable and all sales are final (and as far as I could see, in CASH only)!

A nice improvement was the construction of huge coverings that help provide shoppers with some badly needed shade from the blazing sunlight. Now one doesn’t have to risk heat stroke or sunburn when visiting the Friday Market.