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Up, Up and Away …. Again!

Well, the day is finally here! Weather permitting (today’s Houston weather is cloudy with a chance of showers at flight time – just hope it’s not too heavy to cause any flight delays!) I should be starting my next sojourn overseas. I shall keep you all posted once I arrive at my half-way point. I tried to fly Emirates 212 non-stop to Dubai but sadly Emirates has priced themselves out of the market. They wanted over $8,500 for a round-trip business class ticket as opposed to Lufthansa who is asking for $5,900. What with all the economic bad news around the world and our company’s recently imposed restrictions on international travel, I chose to be a ‘good corporate person’ and have selected the “cheaper” air fare – which means I must break the trip up with an overnight stay in Europe. Ah well, as long as the Europe weather is A-OK, I can put up with the extra hassles (changing planes, etc.), I suppose.

One of my biggest gripes about long haul flights is that I cannot sleep on board an aircraft! At all! I wonder how many of you readers encounter the same problem I have?? No matter how hard I try (I put on blinders, use ear plugs, recline the seat, etc.) I simply cannot nod off to sleep. The result is that these terribly long international flights become rather debilitating for me. I usually arrive very tired! Fortunately, after a good night’s rest, I am usually “go to go” for the remainder of my onward journey. Someone once said that “getting there is half the fun”. Well, to that all I can say is “Baloney”!!! For me, the fun only starts AFTER I arrive, get some badly needed rest and THEN I can start to enjoy myself in my new surroundings.

Sometimes I find myself sharing the thoughts of a fellow blogger, Cheryl, who writes in her blog, Confessions of a Twenty Something Year Old, the following passage which I shall repeat here (if that’s OK with you, Cheryl?):

“Being an expat rules. Granted, I pretty much live out of a suitcase all year round, spend more time in hotels than hookers, experience food poisoning more times than I care to, and can never really buy anything new because having an overweight suitcase at the airport is just a huge pain in my ass, and not worth the struggle at all; but for the most part, it’s awesome. Who doesn’t love traveling, learning new things, eating new foods, getting kicked by donkeys …
But the best part about being an Expat is the opportunity to meet people…”

But, I must confess, although these overseas flights and all the associated hassles may not be that truly “awesome”, being able to travel around to new places is a definite bonus to my life. (Not counting the jet lag, separation from home, family and friends, etc, etc, etc.)

Ah well, off I go again …. Wish me luck and a smooth and on-time journey!!!!

RECENT UPDATE (Monday, Feb 16): Well, I made it half way. So far, so good! I arrived Sunday morning on time – German efficiency rides again!. This Monday morning – after a reasonably pleasant night’s sleep with badly needed rest – I awake to find a light cover of snow (about 1 – 2 cms depth) and very cold temperatures – about 30 deg F. I hope this little snow does not delay my onward flight. Lufthansa’s WEB site lists my flight as still being “on time” so I shall keep my fingers crossed! Breakfast here on the 9th floor “Tower” lounge at the Sheraton Hotel (adjacent to Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport) was complete and very satisfying – getting me ready for the final leg of what I hope will be a smooth flight to my destination.