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"Traffic" Jam – Kuwaiti Style!!

Being a veteran of New York City and Houston traffic, I was never quite prepared for these “obstacles” along the road!! This morning’s commute in to Wafra Field offered some interesting diversion (see above picture). I had to stop my car to avoid hitting any of these animals. Once the lead camel got it into his mind to cross the road, the others wanted to follow suit no matter what got in their way. I thought I could get past the first one or two critters but the remainder of the herd just had to get across the road so I was simply forced to sit and wait until the entire herd / family crossed in front of me. The only problem was the lack of enough sunlight which caused my digital pics to come out a tad too pixelated (grainy). Anyway, it was an unusal start to another work day here in Wonderful Wafra!