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Traditional Turkish Beverage: Ayran

Ayran and Doner

Ayran is a Turkish beverage and very popular in there. You can find in restaurants, cafes, markets easily. We’d like to introduce this delicious beverage. It’s a good choice, if you prefer healthy and tasty beverages.

Here are some informations that might interest you…

Pricing is similar with other beverages. If you buy a small pack, the price per liter becomes higher. If you ask in a restaurant or hotel, it will be more expensive than what you buy at the market. There are too many firms. We looked at their prices and also we shared Coca Cola prices to give an idea.
ps: Based on Turkish Lira prices for September 4, 2019 and converted into US dollars. Ayran prices were calculated from the average of different firms.
– 300 ml ayran is $0.26 – 330 ml Coca Cola is $0.44.
– 1 l ayran is $0.75 – 1 l Coca Cola is $0.65.

What can you drink ayran with?
You can drink ayran with almost all kinds of food such as dolma, doner or kebab. In Turkey, dairy products are not usually served with fish. And you can’t see ayran and a dessert being served together. For example, baklava and ayran is unthinkable together. Also if you are not very hungry at noon, you can prefer simit (gevrek) with ayran for your lunch. That’s a popular choice. Those who travel by bus generally prefer kasar (Turkish kinds of cheddar) sandwich and ayran.

You can prepare your ayran in the home for your guests. There are different recipes, and you can find and decide the best one for you in a few trying.

Classic (easy) ayran recipe:
The ingredients
230-240 g (8.10 – 8.45 oz) yogurt
200 ml (6.76 oz) water
Some salt
= You can use blender; but in Turkish homes, people prefer to blend the yogurt in a bottle. Shake it very well and after 3-4 minutes add the water. Continue to shake it and then, taste when it becomes liquid thoroughly. If you want, add some salt and shake once more to distribute the salt proportionally. It’s ready now…
ps: If you want, you can put your ayran in the bowls and add some dried mints for each.

Cacik (Cacık) is a traditional cold side dish. If you can prepare your ayran, cacik will be easy for you. This is really popular in Turkey. Also you can taste different kinds of cacik in Balkan and Middle East countries. Let’s try to Turkish style cacik now:
(If you ask cacik in a hotel or restaurant, they serve it like yogurt or a little more liquid. If you visit a home, most probably it’ll be liquid. This one is liquid and you’ll serve in the bowls.)
The ingredients
500 g  (17.63 oz) yogurt
600 ml (20.28 oz) water
2 garlic cloves
2-3 cucumbers
= Prepair your ayran just like previous method, and pour it into a pot or something deep. Crush garlic very well. (You should not feel them in cacik) Add your garlics to ayran and stir to distribute the ingredients proportionally. Divide the cucumbers vertically into four. Then cut into three or four transversely, and add them to pot. Keep the pot in your fridge, and serve it just like salad or meze.
ps: Before serving, you can add some dried mints or a few drops of olive oil.

Tip: The consistency of ayran and cacik is key term. They should be smooth.

Different ayran recipes:
– Same the previous ayran recipe. Add the water, while adding two tablespoons of milk. Using a blender can be better or shake it until you see foam. Almost same taste, but different feeling…
– Susurluk is a district of Balikesir and there is a regional recipe. You can make Susurluk ayrani easily, also. Take our first recipe and use plain soda as much as the water you use. If you’ll use 200 ml water, you should add 200 ml plain soda also. And the yogurt has to be 400 g.

How many kcal?
200 ml Turkish yogurt has 120 kcal. 10 g garlic is 15 kcal and 81% of is carbohydrates. 1 cucumber (100 g) is only 15.5 kcal.

Final note: Before drinking, do not forget to shake it.