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The Top 5 Places to See in Konya

Konya is the largest city in Turkey. It was the capital of Seljuks for two centuries, and in historical buildings, traces of traditional Seljuks can be seen instead of Ottomans. If you’re planning a trip to Konya, here are the top five places for you to see.

Note: The places on the list are sorted by walking route. The first four of the list are located in the city centre and within walking distance. In this region, there are other historical mosques and museums besides these four.

1) Mevlana Museum
If the list had not been prepared according to the walking route, the museum would have remained the same place in the first row of the list. The complex contains more than one building: a tomb, a mosque, museum sections, a gift shop and garden. You may need at least 45 minutes to see the complex. In the museum, you can see some examples of the Sufi tradition, you can also see different objects with a variety of historical values, such as manuscripts.
Credit: Armagan Orki
2) Aziziye Mosque
One of the most important Ottoman architectural examples in the city is Aziziye mosque. The mosque was built in the 17th century; however, after the fire, its current form was built in the 19th century.
3) Konya Archaeological Museum
This museum is the second oldest museum in Turkey. It was opened for the first time in 1901 and then it was put into service again in the 1960s. There are different objects from Neolithic, Hittite, Roman and similar civilizations are exhibited.
4) Alaeddin Hill
If you want to take a short break on your trip, tea gardens on the hill will be an ideal option. Alaeddin Mosque on the hill is also one of the places to be seen in Konya.
Ince Minareli Medrese
You can visit Slender Minaret Medrese (Madrasa) on the west side of the hill. It is also called the Museum of Stone and Wood Art. The mosque is one of the most beautiful examples of Seljuk architecture. It has been a museum since the 1950s.
5) Nasreddin Hoca
The fifth one is in Aksehir, a district of Konya. You can travel by train or bus. Also, if you leave during the morning hours, you can go back to the city without staying overnight there. If you have the appropriate clothes, it is recommended to see the tomb. Then, you can visit Nasrettin Hoca Archaeology and Ethnography Museum.
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