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The Top 5 Museums in Izmir

The lovely city of Turkey, Izmir has too many great museums, ruins, and other attractive places. We looked at the museums in Izmir, and chose the top five for your travel plan…

5) Key Museum and/or Camlik Railway Museum
5th one can be different according to your expectations about two different transportation vehicles. We had touched upon Camlik Railway Museum in Travel to Ephesus and it’s a good option, especially if you’re interested in railways. Key Museum on the other hand have more than 100 classic automobiles and other vehicles in Torbali. It’s also the biggest automobile museum of Turkey.
Classic Automobile Museum
4) Cesme Museum
If you plan to travel to Cesme, probably you’ll evaluate its beaches, sport activities, and night life. We recommend the castle also. You can visit Archaeology Museum where is in the same building. The castle is built in 1500’s, but the museum holds objects from different periods like Archaic Period.
Cesme Museum
3) Pergamon Museum
Have you ever been visited The Pergamonmuseum, Berlin? If you liked the museum in Berlin, Pergamon Museum in Izmir will be a correct destination on your holiday. There are different kinds of objects from the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods.
(Just like Ephesus, the ruins are close to the museum also.)
2) Ataturk Museum
It’s located in city center. When you decide to walk in Kordon, the museum can be a destination for you. The building was the headquarter of Turkish Army, when they save the city on 1922. The founder of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was staying in the building on his visits between 1930 – 34. The museum hold different objects from Ataturk’s life, and it’s going to be a good choice if you’ll be in city center of Izmir.
Atatürk Museum, Izmir
1) Ephesus Museum
We had touched upon Ephesus Museum before. The museum is in in the first sequence of our list. It has 9 galleries and each of them has different objects. Most of them are transported from the ruins. We suggest visiting Ephesus (ruins), but you should visit the museum after or before it also.
Ephesus Museum

Bonus ~ Four Museums in the Same Location
When you’re in Konak, there’ll be too many options and four of them are really very close to each other. The Izmir Art and Sculpture Museum and Gallery, the Izmir Ethnography Museum, the Izmir Archaeology Museum, and Umran Baradan Game and Toy Museum. If you walk from the first one to last one, it takes maximum 20 minutes. You can spend a few of hours in at least two of them.

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If you have seen them before, please let us know what you think.

Have a nice holiday.