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The Long Road to Work

Commuting to work in Wafra Field (PNZ, KUWAIT) involves a rather pleasant (but boring) drive thru the desert. No traffic at all. Just a nice, straight, flat road (no potholes). About 57 kilometers EACH way taking about 40 minutes of drive time. Not much scenery along the way – except for a few camels, sheep or goats. Lately I’ve been playing an audio book which helps to pass the time (radio offers few enjoyable stations; most play Arabic music – no interest to me!) I leave home at 6:15 am and arrive at work at 7 am. I leave work usualy after 3:30 pm and get home sometime after 4 pm. I find this driving to be much less stressful than my daily commute in Houston which affords much more traffic and road hazards (and offensive drivers).