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TGIT (Thank Goodness It's Thursday!!!)

Here in Kuwait, Thursday, is the equivalent of a Friday in the West. Starting last September, Kuwait officially adopted the Sunday – Thursday workweek (they had previously been on a Saturday – Wednesday work schedule) so now I can enjoy the weekend!! I’ve booked a car and driver and will venture into town tomorrow for my weekly grocery shopping and some sightseeing and fine dining (gotta have at least one nice meal per week). Hopefully it will be a nice diversion following what has been a busy first week of work here in Wonderful Wafra!

By the way, it might be worth noting that the weather here has been unusualy cold for this time of year; nighttime temps are in the low 40’s and daytime highs are about 65 – 70 deg F. It won’t be long, however, when the desert ‘blast furnace’ is turned on our local temps reach into the low 100’s!!

Ta ta for now …………