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Solaris is a white grape variety that was created by crossing Merzling grape with Zarya Severa and Muscat Ottonel varieties. The grape was first released in 1975 by the Freiburg Wine Institute in Germany. Solaris is especially suitable for cool climates, and apart from Germany, it is cultivated in Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, England, Switzerland, some parts of Belgium, and Sweden.

The wines produced from Solaris grape are usually dry, though in some regions it can also be used in the production of dessert wines. Dry Solaris wines tend to be light, fruity, and fragrant. They will typically display aromas of pears, peaches, citrus, and exotic fruit, as well as nuances of honey.

The pleasant sweetness of Solaris wines is usually balanced with bright acidity. These wines make an excellent aperitif, but they can also be a good accompaniment to seafood, chicken, fruity desserts, grilled meat, pasta dishes, vegetables, or cheese.