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On Your Mark, Get Set …. Hold It!!!

Ever hear the expression: “All dressed up and no place to go”? Well, I was all set to depart next Thursday for a professional meeting in Abu Dhabi …. BUT my company is now reacting to the severe economic conditions within the oil industry by cancelling a lot of international travel. What a disappointment! Had I gone to Abu Dhabi, this would have been my first trip to that part of the UAE! Not only that, but I was scheduled to be a ‘keynote’ speaker at this meeting and also serve as a chairman for one of the conference sessions. Sadly, I had to politely apologize to the conference hosts (the SPE – Society of Petroleum Engineers) and rearrange my remaining travel plans. Fortunately, I am STILL planning to go to the Middle East – just delaying my departure as a result of the cancellation of this side-trip to the UAE. Ah well …. just one of the ramifications of this world-wide Recession.

Mr. Yogi, who just delivered a comment to this post, makes a good point. I shouldn’t allow myself to get ‘spoiled’. After all, there are sadly many employees around the world who are facing far more serious consequences as a result of the world-wide economic meltdown than simply losing out on having a nice business meeting trip.

On the bright side, Saturday’s weather in Houston was fantastic – cool, not a cloud in the sky and no humidity. Perfect picture taking weather! I spent an hour in a park near downtown Houston (Eleanor Tinsley Park) soaking up the sunshine and photographing the Houston skyline. Granted Houston’s skyline pales in comparison to the view of Hong Kong island from Kowloon or the Manhattan skyline from across the Hudson River in New Jersey. But here it is anyway.
It won’t be long (hopefully) before I am on the road again ….

Downtown Houston

This park is only a mile west of downtown and is a perfect locaiton to view our fair city!