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My Final Weekend in Kuwait … and the End of a Another Visit to Kuwait!

Ah my favorite time of any business trip ….. the time to pack up and head HOME!! My final week began with a pleasant weekend trip to Kuwait City. The highlight was a fabulous meal at Riccardo’s Italian restaurant located within the downtown Sheraton Hotel (price = 15 KD!). Saturday was haircut day! Always a new experience but – thankfully – this time around the barber understood enough English that I came away looking not too bad!!!

Today (Sunday) I am closing out my projects. Tomorrow I pack up my stuff and prepare to start the looooong journey home. More on that event in a later posting – hopefully sometime later this week. Before concluding this brief posting, I shall leave you all with a few final photos:

Sunset over Mina Al-Zour.

Note the spelling! Signs are often a tad humerous!

A desert flower …… helps bring a little good cheer to an often dreary desert place.

Goats for sale!!

Water towers …. always a familiar sight. These are in the KOC main office campus in Ahmadi.