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Lost Hills, California: March 22 – 25

About two weeks ago, I travelled to Bakersfield, California (first time there since January of 2009) and had the pleasure to visit one of our company’s smaller oil fields in the nearby area to conduct a review of the chemical treating program in that location. I often am called upon to act as sort of a “Mr. Fix-It” wherein I travel to a field area and help our men and women engineers tackle whatever problems currently are afflicting their operations. And to be “Mr. Fix-It”, I have to further take on the role of a detective, asking questions, digging up data, reviewing past reports, touring the field and then helping – somehow – to solve the mystery of the problem(s) at hand. Not an easy task! Anyway, this week’s “patient” was located in Lost Hills – a very small town located about an hour’s drive north of Bakersfield.

Travel north of Bakersfield on 99 and take a left turn onto Route 46 and then head west a few miles …. and you will arrive in Lost Hills!

Our Lost Hills oilfield is a very old operation. You can’t miss it! Hwy 46 goes right through the middle of the oil field. For the unfamiliar visitor, it presents an odd sight indeed – seemingly hundreds of oil well pumps bobbing up and down. Quite a lot of pumping and all for slightly less than 5,000 barrels of oil per day …. less than what one typical oil well in the Middle East produces in one day!!!
After my work was completed, I continued to travel west on 46 to Hwy 101 an then headed south to visit a good friend in San Luis Obispo. I spent a few days there on vacation, heading home on Sunday, March 28. That mini-vacation will be the subject of my next posting. Stay tuned ….