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Kuwait Liberation Day!

Today (Tuesday, Feb. 26) marks the 17th anniversary of the liberation of Kuwait following the Iraqi occupation that ended in the First Gulf War. Today is naturally a national holiday here in Kuwait so I am enjoying yet another day off from work. Yipeee!! Tomorrow, however, it will be back to the ‘rock pile’. Still, a two-day work week is very nice!!

One personal note: yesterday I drove to Fahaheel Monday morning and purchased about half a dozen DVDs (1 KD = $3.70 USD each). I had made the mistake of coming in on Sunday afternoon and found most (but not all) the shops closed for the mid-afternoon break. A word of caution to the uninitiated (myself included): when shopping in the Middle East, shop early (before noon) or later in the day (after 4:30 pm) to avoid having to deal with most of the shops being closed!