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Kizaka-Africa Angola

Kizaka,afrika, africa angola, Quizaca, Kisaca
Traditional Angolan dish kizaca, sometimes spelled quizaca or kisaca, is one of the most popular vegetarian dishes in the country. It is made with boiled cassava leaves mixed with ground peanuts. Cassava and peanuts are stewed until the dish develops a thick consistency, while the peanuts form a silky, nutty sauce.

Although it is nowadays regarded as the national dish of the country, kizaka has an interesting historical background. For centuries, Angola was a Portuguese colony, and kizaka, like most Angolan dishes, is a combination of European influences and authentic African ingredients.

More interestingly, the main ingredient, cassava, was brought to Angola from Brazil, another former Portuguese colony, where it is regarded as an indigenous ingredient. In Angola, the most popular variety is kizaka com peixe, a dish made with fish, onions, and tomatoes, while rice is traditionally served on the side.

The dish is popular everywhere in Angola, and it is usually served as a side dish alongside meat or fish dishes. Frequently, green cassava leaves can be substituted with spinach.