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Houston's Azalea Trail – March 2010

Apologies for being late. I’ve been so very busy with work and a recent business trip and mini-vacation to San Luis Obispo as well as Tucson, Arizona that I’ve “fallen down” on my blogging efforts. I shall endeavor to catch up.

Herewith I present a few photos from the recent Azalea Trail – an annual event held in early March in the Bayou Bend area of Houston. Because of the unusually “cold” winter (I put “cold” in quotations since this is a relative term; a northerner would smile but the weather was cold for those of us who call Houston home!), the azaleas did not bloom on time. Many azaleas were still dormant at the time of this year’s Azalea Trial. In fact, if one visits the site this weekend in April, I suspect there may still be many on display.

Enjoy the photos:

The Diana Garden – probably the best looking of the various gardens spread out within Bayou Bend.

The Clio Garden (ca. 1928).

Hundreds of magnolias (or so I was told) …..

I was not the only visitor taking pictures this fine day (March 8) ….

A description of Bayou Bend – where the annual Azalea Trail is centered. There are several other places along the ‘trail’ but this particular location is the main one!

Miss Ima Hogg – the lady who once lived at Bayou Bend and whose property is now the property of and maintained by the City of Houston and the Museum of Fine Arts. Reference:

OK … this is not part of the Azalea Trail …. it’s the Japanese Tea Garden located in Hermann Park – an excellent place to spend a quiet afternoon while in Houston.
PS: I shall try to post pictures of my recent vacation in Tucson, Arizona (March 11 – 15) and San Luis Obispo, California (March 25 – 28) and maybe even my business trip to Lost Hills, California but now, my dear followers, I simply MUST get to work on completing my US federal taxes!! (Render unto Ceasar what’s Ceasar’s … and before April 15th!!)