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Houston IFEST – April 19, 2009

Every year Houston has an International Festival – commonly referred to as IFEST – which promotes cultural awareness. This year’s IFEST centers around Ireland. What with my upcoming international trip (groan – yet another exercise in sleep deprivation!) looming ever closer (I expect to depart Houston this Friday, April 24th for a continent I have not been to in over eight years!), I needed a break and so I ventured downtown and attended Sunday’s IFEST activities (entrance fee = $15.00). The weather was picture perfect (blue skies and moderate temps) and so I offer a few pictures of the event.

Although the IFEST features many countries exhibits, this year’s event was centered around IRELAND.

Irish pipers entertained the crowds by playing many Irish (and Scottish) tunes during the day’s activities.

The event opens at 12 noon (Saturday and Sunday for each of two weeks in late April) and by 1:00 pm it was packed with people!!

Always a favorite with me … the so-called “Henna” artists. Nice to look at but this one doesn’t appear to share my wish to take her picture!

Much of the IFEST is basically a “flea market” with numerous artists selling their handiwork. Here is one very attractive and unique piece of art.

The IFEST is held in downtown Houston near the Central Public Library and next to Tranquility Park.

While waiting for the festival to open at 12 noon, I ventured a few blocks south over to where my company has its two main headquarter buildings – what I sometimes refer to as “Enron #1 and #2”. (My colleagues hate it when I refer to our downtown building as “the Enron building”!) Although Enron is long gone, its memory lives on in the minds of many a Houstonian …. a grim memory for sure. At least we are making good use of their fine structure. If you look carefully at the building on the left, you can still pick out a few windows that remain to be fixed since being damaged after Hurricane Ike in September of 2008.