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It’s been a relatively “short” trip abroad as international trips go – only about three (3) weeks in duration. Still, it’s always pleasant to be on the plane that carries me HOME! It must have been the fact that I was extremely busy throughout the entire period having only a few opportunities to sit back and relax (save for those nice weekends).

A view of the River Rhine as my flight takes off from Frankfurt Airport on Thursday, August 13.

Typical view of the departure area of Terminal “C” at Frankfurt Airport. Planes from everywhere going who knows where.

There is something special about these mechanical flight boards, with each and every one of the individual lines flipping over and over as they change the various numbers and letters. I suppose one day they will replace this huge board with a fully digital display. Still, it’s always special (for me at least) to stand and watch this contraption for a few minutes, viewing all the many cities and places that people are flying to. And my flight home is one of these!!

And here is my flight to home – sweet – home! The door to the aircraft was closed on time (about 10:30 am) but we took off about one hour late (an allegedly “minor” mechanical problem). It was “wheels up” at about 11:40 am; we finally landed in Houston about 35 minutes late at 2:30 pm Central time (published arrival time was 1:55 pm). Not bad considering.

A display in the departure lounge of Gate C15 reminds one of all the many time zones we frequently must cross as we scurry about from one place to another … and that gives rise to that dreaded physical affliction – JET LAG! (I am suffering that now!)

A classic Mercedes on display at Frankfurt Airport (this one was parked in one of the shopping areas located somewhere in-between Terminals “A” and “B”).

In case you think the Traveling Chemist only eats at five-star restaurants, well guess again!! Most of the work week I prepare my own sandwiches. About once or twice a week, however, I venture over to what I call “Le Mess Hall” (shown above) and indulge in what I assure you is strictly average fare.

A typical menu at Le Mess Hall in Wafra Field.
That’s it for now. Until next time …..
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SearchingSoul: Excellent quote and very appropriate! And, as always, thanks for taking the time to read my blog and for your comments. Us fellow travelers know what being away from home is like and, even though we usually enjoy the new horizons our many trips may offer us, how sweet it is to return!