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Home for the Holidays!!

Well the day has finally arrived!! I departed Kuwait at the delightful hour of 1:15 am aboard Lufthansa 637. A nice flight and we managed to land in Frankfurt 10 minutes early at 5:07 am local time (2 hours behind Kuwait time). The only problem is that I managed to hit my leg against the luggage cart as I maneuvered the contraption up the moving escalator. It rammed against my leg causing a small (3 cm sized) abrasion. Fortunately I recovered and avoided being knocked down the escalator! I then checked in to the Sheraton at 5:50 am and thankfully they had a room for yours truly so I crawled into bed for some badly needed rest. As I type this post, it is 1:55 pm local time. Just had a nice meal and I’m watching the sky outside. It was snowing this morning. Yes, seeing snow is a nice contrast to the sands of Kuwait …. BUT I only hope that tomorrow’s weather does not cause any delay in my flight to home sweet home!!

One little bit of information: because of our early arrival, our pilot indicated that our flight was actually one of the FIRST planes to land at Frankfurt Airport this morning as the entire airport is under a nighttime curfew that ends at 5 am (presumably for noise control).

I will make this a brief posting but before I go I will share a few photos from my last day in Kuwait. Ta ta for now (yawn) ….

Finally a camel picture!! And may I say it’s about time! I managed to go the entire trip this time without a single camel picture to share with yawll (that’s Texas-speak for “you all”). Well, on my commute to work for my last day (December 2), I came upon a Kuwaiti-style traffic jam so to speak. Had to wait for this guy to cross the street!!

On my last day in the office in Wafra, our waiter made me a cappuccino. Nice!

“Part 1” of the long journey home – my flight from Kuwait to Frankfurt departed Kuwait at the delightful hour of 1:15 am!! I’ll give Lufthansa credit – they left ON TIME!!