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Health Questions of Tourists in Turkey

If you plan to visit Turkey, probably you wonder about visa regulations. We had introduced some informations about the visa regulation in Turkey. In this content, we’d like to assist you for your questions about health and insurance regulations.

First of all, let us to remind you that we referred to Touristic Visit visa type.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed that “All applicants are required to have a medical insurance that will be valid during their stay in Turkey.” On the other hand, there is a circular letter and it declares that: Persons who are in Turkey for a temporary period don’t pay anything for treatment, if they get injured in a traffic accident.

There is one more service for tourists. Ministry of Health services in English, Arabic, German, Russian, Persian and French. If you face with a health problem or if you want to ask something about health services in Turkey, you can call 0 850 288 38 38 (International Patient Assistance Unit) whenever you need. If you want to call it from out of Turkey, you should add the country calling code: +90.

In Turkey, emergency telephone numbers are:
112 for Ambulance
155 for Police (156 for Gendermerie)
110 for Fire brigade
177 for Forest fire