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Guest Post: Places to Visit in Hasselt, Belgium


Hasselt is a smaller town in Belgium, capital of the Province Limburg. It’s a beautiful and quiet town with a lot of things to see and do. Very well worth a visit if you come to Belgium…

There’s a Japanese Garden, Fashion Museum, Jenever Museum etc. Music lovers will know Hasselt for one of the biggest festivals in Europe, Pukkelpop. Hasselt is a great place if you like food or bars. For the better dinning there is “Kookpunt”, or if you like a great burger place (non fast-food) there is Botanique. But there are loads of other great places with great food. Definitely visit the Town Square with the iconic “Drugstore” for food or drinks! Hasselt is a great shopping town, loads of fashion stores. Further Hasselt is famous for it’s Jenever, in October there are Jenever days. 2 party days with loads of different Jenever tasting, music and food.

Rick Vink, Belgium: instagram