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Greetings from a Rainy Kuwait

I arrived on time Monday evening aboard Lufthansa 628. A decent flight to be sure but I’ll only give Lufthansa an “average” rating in terms of service and food quality. My one gripe: no overhead storage bins were installed over the center row seats!!! See the above picture. Only those seats by the windows had storage compartments!
Anyway, I arrived on time at 8:07 pm Kuwait time (Houston + 9 hours). My colleague and I rented our vehicle and we were on our way to Mina Al-Zour (a one hour drive south of the airport) where our company has its main camp site. After unpacking, I got to bed late at around midnight. Sadly, I only managed a little sleep and so Tuesday dragged quite a bit. Thankfully, last night was better so this morning I celebrated a bit by stopping by the new Starbucks shop along the road side by the Al Zour turn-off from Highway 30. According to the employee, this store opened September 27 just in time for the Eid Holiday. (For me, the arrival of a Starbucks signals the approach of ‘civilzation’ to an area!!)

It’s now 7:25 am on a very rainy Wednesday morning here in my office in Wafra. Wafra is a modest-sized oil field located in what is termed the Partitioned Neutral Zone (PNZ) – a strip of territory between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait where each contry has agreed to split the oil production 50%/50%. (My company manages the Saudi half of the oil production from Wafra Field.) Time to get to work and so I’ll sign off for now and probably wait for the weekend until I make additional postings. In the meantime, I’ll let the news of Obama’s election victory sink in. Although I have not been a major supporter of Obama, I do like his promise to get out of Iraq in 16 months. I just hope Obama sticks to that promise and withdraws from Iraq as planned!!

After a rainy night, Wafra becomes Mud City!!

Too much mud to walk around in!!

The meal served onboard my Lufthansa flight last Monday (Nov. 3).