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Getting a Haircut

The premise of getting a haircut seems simple enough – almost not worthy of mentioning in a blog. In the past, I’ve been going to barbers who are located at major hotels. Nice enough but moocho expensive (8 – 10 KD!!). Thanks to a colleague’s recommendation, I ventured into Fahaheel and stopped at a barber whose shop was near the huge Al-Ghanim electronics store. The barber shop was modest but appeared to be clean so I went ahead and had a haircut there. We have several barbers in the village of Al-Zour near where my company has its headquarters. HOWEVER, a colleague who had his hair cut in Al-Zour complained bitterly of catching lice in his hair, a malady that required a medicated shampoo from the doctor to eradicate! YUK! Not what I want – hence the hunt for a decent (i.e., hygienic and clean) barber!! Once again, a lesson: things we take for granted at home are not so simple elsewhere.