Family travel tips to share and how to master hotel stays is one of the most important.

First Weekend in Kuwait (November 7 & 8)

Water Towers: In some sense, water is more valuable than oil. And the design and painting of these towers is always pleasant to view. The above towers are on the Sixth Ring road.

After running my weekly grocery run to The Sultan Center, I had a fabulous seafood buffet at the Al Noukhaza seafood restaurant in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Farwaniyah section of town. The restaurant is in the center of the above photo at the top of the staircase. Cost for the meal (with drink and tip) is about 12 KD (@$3.70 USD/KD, that’s about $45 USD or 35 Euros). Excellent meal as always. I went home well fed.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel (near the intersection of Highway 55 and the Sixth Ring Road). About an hour north of my company’s camp in Al Zour.