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First Weekend in Kuwait: June 4 & 5

What can I say, my itinerary is often dictated by my stomach! The high point of this past Friday (June 4th) was lunch at Riccardo’s, the Italian restaurant located on the first floor of the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Kuwait City.

And the meal I had was hammour – an excellent white fish caught locally in the Arabian Gulf. (Cost: 16.8 KD = $58 USD)

The hallway by the front desk at the Sheraton is quite ornate and beckons all guests, welcoming them in from the 110+ deg F (43 deg C) heat outside.

An unusual looking building in downtown Kuwait City. Not sure what this building is for.

Sorry to bore you with this seemingly trivial detail but one of the chores I have to run along with any run into the city is my weekly stocking up of groceries. I bring along an ice chest (and ICE) to protect and preserve my food from the blistering heat inside the car’s trunk (or ‘boot’ as the Brits might say). Today’s haul cost me 21.38 KD or about $74 USD (60 Euros).

Some good news to report!! I have been informed that our local Al Zour Starbucks may be opening up in a week or so. The Starbucks located along Highway 40 near the Al Zour turnoff was closed down by the Kuwaiti authorities over one year ago because the owner apparently had no official license. Or so the story goes. I just hope they open this Starbucks real soon!! Dozens of us expats will be pleased!!