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Cola Brands in Turkey

If you miss other globalized tastes than traditional Turkish drinks, you have more than one alternative in Turkey. During your holiday, Turkish coffee, Turkish tea, ayran, kefir, fruit and flower sherbets, and boza are just a few traditional flavors that you can try to taste. For example, ayran or turnip juice next to kebab is an ideal option. Tea for breakfast, coffee after dinner, sahlep or boza on winter evenings… If you’re still looking for a familiar taste, there are different cola brands…

Coca Cola has been in Turkey since the 1960s. Pepsi followed it in a few years. The competition of the two companies continues. Some Turkish entrepreneurs also wanted to be involved in the market in previous years. Some of the national brands have disappeared, and some continue to get a rate in the market. On the other hand, Coca Cola and Pepsi have the biggest share in the market.

Some chain stores sell their own cola in stores. Besides these, you can find Kristal and Cola Turka products on the market. Cola Turka was a Turkish holding brand, sold to Japanese company DyDo Drinco in 2015.

If you buy them in a chain store such as Migros, you pay less. If you buy in a 2.5 liter plastic bottle, the product of all three brands is around $0,80. If you prefer to buy in 250 or 330 milliliter aluminum cans, the prices are around $0,35.

In cafes and restaurants, 250/330 ml (aluminum can) or 200 ml bottles are preferred mostly. On average, the lowest price is $0,80 which can be $4 in a luxury restaurant or $8 on a luxury beach. Also, this is an important note: the prices in the minibar in the hotel room can be above average in many places.

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