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California Here I Come!!

Well, it didn’t take too long for me to hit the road again! I was only in the office for two days and then off I went! This trip takes me to Bakersfield, located in the central valley of California. My work calls for me to audit the five laboratories who conduct most of the water analyses for our company’s San Joaquin Valley business unit. Before starting my work, however, I managed to squeeze in a little fun. Mixing pleasure with business never hurts. I had the opportunity of spending a long weekend (Thursday to Sunday) with a good friend in San Luis Obispo. I can report a LOT of interesting events and sights but since time is short, I will makes this initial post rather brief and share with you one of the main highlights of my sightseeing along the central California coast. When I have more time, I will add more pictures and descriptions.

This is the time of year when “elephant seals” arrive in California for giving birth. Here is one baby seal nursing.

A picture perfect moment!! More pictures to come later this week – I promise.