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Blogs of Note!!!

To all my readers:

WOW … what a difference a day makes. I’ve been posting to my blog – Traveling Chemist – since January 2008 and have had only a few comments posted. Then, suddenly, a whole collection of postings!! Many thanks!! I suppose this relates to my blog having been named as one of the “Blogs of Note” on September 30th! (Thanks to the Blogspot editors!) I do appreciate your comments and will read each and EVERY one, eventually. I may not have time to respond to every comment, however. But I’ll try to answer a few … just be patient.

I’d like to repeat a comment of my own pertaining to the theme of this blog (i.e., traveling!!): One major bonus of traveling is that it makes one appreciate what is often taken for granted back home!! And one more bonus: the diverse cultures and people that I encounter along the way all add to my understanding of other ways of life. And if I have a great time along the way, so much the better!