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Basic Details for Travel to the Bahamas

One of the most beautiful destination in the Caribbean: The Bahamas… What you need to know about transportation and what you want to do on your holiday can be found in the post…

The Bahamas is an island country and consists of many islands. Because it is a tourism heaven, there are many airports in the country. When buying your ailrplane ticket, you should know which island to stay on.

If you are travelling from a country close to the region, you have a good chance of finding a direct flight. You can evaluate options such as Bahamasair, JetBlue Airways, Delta, Air Canada, American Airlines etc. If you are from a different continent, you may most likely need to take a connecting flight. However, you can find direct flights over Europe with British Airways.

Things to Do in the Bahamas
There are too many options that can be enjoyed on your holiday: Beaches, boating, eco tours and birding, deep sea fishing, nightlife, cultural and historical tours, water sports and more. The three five for you are here:
1) Beaches: Spook Hill (in North Bimini) and Gordon’s Beach (in Long Island) are awesome places. If you’re interested in snorkeling, these two beaches should be visited.

the Bahamas

2) Cuisine: The cuisine of the country is very wide, and you should try at least a few street foods. Small Hope Bay Lodge Restaurant is a great solution to enjoy delicious fresh fishes.
3) Nature: There are too many national parks, and visiting each of them cannot be possible even a month. One the other hand, you should take a note of Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park where is in south side of Marsh Harbour.
Bonus: If you can take time less than an hour, you should visit the Pirates of Nassau Museum, located in Downtown Nassau.