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Basic Details for Travel to Cunda Island

Cunda Island is one of the biggest islands in Turkey and is an island that can be reached by road in the Aegean Sea. The island population is five times higher during the summer months, but in fact, it is an ideal destination to day trips at least during other seasons. The name of the island is Cunda; however, some sources refer to it as Alibey. Attention that both are used for the same place.

How to Travel?
The island is in Ayvalik District of Balikesir. The airports that can be preferred to go here are as follows:
– Balikesir Koca Seyit Airport (EDO): The airport is in Edremit district. It is about 50 kilometers from the island. There is no direct flight to the airport from abroad, but transfers can be made from Ankara Esenboga, Istanbul or Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen.
Some hotels may provide transfer service to this airport. You can also use the minibuses and buses to the south (Izmir direction) from the airport. When you go to Ayvalik, get a taxi for the island.
Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB): If you find a direct flight to this airport from abroad, your journey may be easier. You should go from the airport to the Intercity Bus Terminal and then take one of the buses moving towards Ayvalik and/or Canakkale. (For different options of terminal transfer: Izmir Airport (ADB) Transfers) It will take up to three hours to travel from Izmir to Ayvalik. You can get off in Ayvalık and take a taxi to the island.
Things to Do in Cunda (Alibey)

If you want to get away from stress and noise, the most ideal months will be September and October. For sea, sand and Sun, July and August months are recommended. If you have a long holiday plan, you can take a day tour from Ayvalik to Lesbos island.

There are many historical buildings on the island. In particular, some monasteries will already get your attention. You should especially visit Taxiarhis Church (Rahmi M. Koç Museum). Then you can walk to Panaya Church and go to Asiklar Hill to see the view.

There are many beaches at different points of the island. You may want to evaluate at least one every day. You can at least have dinner at one of the restaurants on the waterfront street. You can enjoy seafoods while watching the sunset.

Note: You can go to the island by road. The oldest bosphorus bridge in Turkey is actually here. To reach Cunda by road, an island and two bridges must be used.

Have a nice journey…