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Al Zour Starbucks Store Closed by Kuwait Authorities ??

Today is Thursday (November 13th). Normally I’d be in a happy mood since Thursdays over here in Kuwait are the last day of the work week (sorta like Fridays back home). However, as we pulled into the parking lot by the new Starbucks store near our camp in Al Zour, we were shocked to see the entire store closed and the front door blocked by furniture and covered over by several red-colored strips of paper. I took the above picture and shared this with two Saudi and Kuwaiti colleagues. They explained that the red sashes pasted over the entrance door were from the Kuwait health department and that this means the store was closed because of some alleged health-related problem (dirty conditions of some sort). I have my doubts since this is a brand new store (opened September 27) but folks assure me this is not a “political” action. I’ll keep everyone posted. I fully realize many readers will shrug and say “so what” but when you are an expat working in a place far away from home and one of your favorite hangouts is closed under mysterious circumstances, well, the event raises a lot of questions. Hopefully this setback is just a simple event and not something more nefarious.