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A Working Weekend and Holiday!

Ah, duty calls!! Although Saturday is our weekend, I went to one of our computer network terminals and worked for about 4 hours!! Too bad .. it was a brilliant day outside! Clear blue skies. Although today – Sunday, Feb 24 – would normally be the first day of the work week, it is officially classified as a “day of rest”. Since tomorrow (Monday) is Kuwait National Day and Tuesday is Liberation Day (the 17th anniversary of the liberation of Kuwait following the first Gulf War in 1991), the Kuwait Parliament voted to make today (Sunday) a day off to ‘bridge the gap’ so to speak between the weekend (Feb. 22/23) and the two back-to-back holidays (Feb. 25/26). Sweet! The US government would never consider doing such a nice gesture for its citizenry! It’s nice that there is still a government in this mean old world that is mindful of its citizens quality of life!

I came in to work at 9:15 am and now, after almost three hours of Email chores, etc., it’s almost 12 noon and so I am now heading home. After all, this is a day of rest!!