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A Final Weekend in Kuwait Before Heading Home!

Well, time flies when one is having fun! It seems like almost yesterday that I came over here and now I must soon return to home-sweet-home. This weekend lasted three days with Thursday being a religious holiday (the Ascention of the Prophet). Thursday: I had an excellent buffet lunch with some friends at Teatro at the Hilton Hotel in Mangaf. Cost = 11.5 KD per person ($43 USD or 28 Euros). Friday: My colleague and I enjoyed the seafood buffet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel which is located in the Farwaniya section of Kuwait City. Total cost was approximately 13.5 KD (tip and water included). On Saturday I stayed at home (way too dusty outside) and cooked for myself. I can’t eat out every day because if I did that I’d soon be as ‘big as a house’.

The Sharq Mall – opened around 2001. This mall was once THE mall to see and be seen in. Although time has past it by (the Avenues Mall is now the ‘IN’ place to be), the Sharq Mall is still a nice place to shop.

Naturally, with all the petro dollars rolling into the country, Kuwait is in the midst of a building boom. Most new buildings utilize a typical construction crane. This particular building has an interesting network of wooden scaffolding.

When in Kuwait, ALWAYS DRIVE WITH CAUTION!!! Expats are normally obliged to obey the 120 km/hour speed limit – but Kuwaitis and Saudis frequently zip by at 150 – 180 “klicks” (km/hr).

A collection of sheep grazing reminds one of the fact that not too many years ago, most of this part of the Middle East was more dependent upon farming and raising animals (sheep, camels, etc.) than on oil production.