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The famous Bangla Walking street, known for its nightlife and crazy shenanigans. I can’t really comment because I didn’t stay out late while in Phuket
I’m sure you’ve heard a similar comparison between the two places and how Phuket is the Kuta of Thailand while Kuta is the Phuket of Bali. Well, let me tell you, what you heard is pretty spot on. Phuket is much like Kuta, a big party city with overdeveloped beach and beachfront, but it is a bit less ghetto, cleaner and it feels safer than Kuta. The Balinese are definitely nicer than the Thais in Phuket, but there seem to be fewer scammers in Phuket. There’s also a lot more Chinese tourists in Phuket compared to Kuta. And I mean LOTS!
With that being said, my visit to Kuta during my year of slow travels was quite chill and mellow. I never stayed out late enough to see the wild side of Kuta.
If you’re in Phuket and you’re looking to stay in a quiet place away from the craziness, you might want to check out one of the best hotels in Phuket.