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Malatya Kayisisi -MALATYA PROVINCETurkey

Kayısı bahçeleri, Doğu Anadolu’daki Malatya ilinin bir ticari markasıdır. Dünyanın önde gelen kayısı üreticisi olan il, ülke genelinde taze ve kuru kayısı besleyerek büyük miktarda ürün ihraç ediyor. Malatya kayısıları, yemyeşil Fırat Nehri’nden beslenen eyaletin…Continue Reading


Saumagen Saumagen is a German dish from the region of Palatinate, where it was created in the 18th century by local farmers as a way to use up leftover food. Translated as sow’s stomach, saumagen consists…Continue Reading


Schwenkbraten A barbecue specialty hailing from Saarland, schwenkbraten consists of marinated pork steaks that are grilled on a schwenker, a unique grill which is suspended from a tripod and swung over an open wood fire by…Continue Reading

Tettnanger Hopfen

The first official record of hop-growing in this unique countryside between the northern shore of Bodensee lake and the Allgäu region dates back to 1150, but the first commercial cultivation of hops began here in…Continue Reading


Solaris is a white grape variety that was created by crossing Merzling grape with Zarya Severa and Muscat Ottonel varieties. The grape was first released in 1975 by the Freiburg Wine Institute in Germany. Solaris is…Continue Reading


Although it translates to onion cake, German zwiebelkuchen is better described as a savory onion pie. The base of the dish is a thin, buttery crust that is usually made with yeasted dough. The center of…Continue Reading

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

Black Forest cherry cake is a popular German dessert consisting of chocolate sponges that are coated in whipped cream and dotted with kirschwasser-infused cherries. Some varieties use the kirschwasser brandy to soak the chocolate layers…Continue Reading